Allow Bella Luna Garden Care to handle the hard work for you.

Let us know what kind of garden you’d like to grow, what location you would like to grow it in and give your approval on the design- that's all it takes.

The first step is a one hour personal meeting, in the location of the proposed garden.

We will collaborate with you to craft a personalized and stylized garden design tailored to your dreams and available space.

Once you've chosen your garden plan, we can coach you through the process of building your dream garden,
from plant selection through the installation of your specialized garden. Next, all you have to do is head out to your garden and start picking your own vegetables, herbs, and flowers.
We will provide you with a personal planting, coaching, and maintenance helping you seamlessly incorporate the garden into your healthy lifestyle.


One hour long garden and design consult with one of our garden team specialists.


We offer to coach you through the process of planting with a specialized garden plan design and we offer a comprehensive garden installation service that ensures. You can fully appreciate your garden without any hard work right from the very beginning.


Walk outside and enjoy your garden. Taking in its glory and beauty providing you a with over 52 harvests of vegetables, herbs, and flowers throughout the year.

Join Our Upcoming Workshop


Join us for a hands-on Herb Container Workshop to explore the art of cultivating aromatic herbs.

Learn essential techniques for successful herb cultivation, covering topics like soil preparation, watering, and sunlight. Participants will also get practical tips on harvesting and preserving herbs for culinary use or crafting herbal remedies.



John Smith

I attended the gardening workshop and consultation and it was an incredible experience! The instructor, Sarah, was knowledgeable and passionate, and I learned so much about different gardening techniques. Highly recommended!

Emily Johnson

I've always struggled with my garden, but after taking part in the gardening workshop and consultation, I feel much more confident! The personalized advice and hands-on guidance from Mark made a huge difference. Thank you!

David Thompson

Attending the gardening workshop and consultation was a game-changer for me. The tips and tricks shared by Lisa were practical and easy to implement. My garden has never looked better!

Samantha Davis

I can't say enough good things about the gardening workshop and consultation. The instructor, Michael, had such expertise and enthusiasm that it was contagious! I left feeling inspired and motivated to transform my garden into a beautiful oasis.

Robert Wilson

The gardening workshop and consultation exceeded my expectations. It was a perfect blend of theory and practical sessions, and the instructor, Jessica, was approachable and patient with answering all our questions. I would definitely attend again!

Kathleen Keller

Arianne revived my love for nature and gardening. Her expertise and insight was a great guide and she gave me a new confidence in my garden by implementing new skills learned and intuition. I really appreciate her thoughtful planning to create the perfect ecosystem for my yard.

The journey to be becoming a gardener can be daunting at first.

We should know…

It may seem impossible to successfully harvest more than 52 times a year in your own garden.

In Ventura County and the surrounding areas, where climates have consistent temperatures and constant sunshine, growing vegetables should feel like a breeze.

Let's be honest, sometimes it's not. We've all been there. Mastering the art of consistently harvesting delicious food from gardens throughout the entire year, I have discovered that the key lies in implementing an effective setup and system. By doing so, it becomes feasible to bypass overwhelming moments and frustrations, allowing you to savor a cultivated garden lifestyle effortlessly, free from unnecessary struggle.

At Bella Luna Garden Care, we go beyond designing your gardens - we guide you in becoming the gardener you aspire to be.

Meet Arianne.

With extensive experience in gardening spanning many years, Arianne has mastered the art of cultivating thriving gardens throughout Ventura County and its neighboring areas.

As a committed Master Gardener, Arianne has devoted countless hours to both education and volunteering. Frequently approached by parents and teachers with inquiries about garden care, and prompted by numerous requests from friends to create gardens, Arianne founded Bella Luna Garden Care.

Arianne's passion is teaching others about gardening and spending time enjoying the benefits of gardening in everyday life.